Welcome to the Syracuse Chapter of the Professional Horseman's Association!

Attention Exhibitors at the Elmira Shows Next Week:
Footing in the two hunter rings has been modified and will be much more satisfactory.

The schedule will be modified so that we are only using two rings at one time. We will offer Blue-Red classes in every ring each day.  Actual revised schedule will be posted.

One ring will always be available to exhibitors for ticketed schooling and/or teaching.

From Naomi Blumenthal:

The following recognition from USHJA was actually a result of many who participated in Autumn in NY and expressed their support of the effort that my staff and I put forth to provide a good competitive atmosphere combined with a great element of fun for all levels of attendees and participants. Thank you for acknowledging our efforts. We will strive for greater success next year!


From Anne Wernert on Elections:

We will be having an election in November.  Ballots will be going out around 11/1.  Up for reelection (All 2 yr terms): President - Naomi Blumenthal, Vice President - Gail Miller, Secretary - Shelly Shaulinski, Treasurer - Heather Heberle.  Board of Directors up for reelection (All 3 yr terms): Terese Bouchard, Heather Heberle, Amy Hughes, Abby Scott.  We also welcome anyone who would like to be considered for any of these positions to contact me so they can be put on the ballot.  Please let me know if you need the explanation of duties for any of these positions. Our last election was done online.  Some feedback on whether or not that is preferable to mailed ballots would be appreciated.  Feel free to contact me, Anne (Pedersen) Wernert at 585-721-1808 or robtped@rochester.rr.com.

Official Hotel of
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Horse Show Rate Link

Horse Show Rate Link

Bryan Nigro Photography; 2012.

Sarah Markowitz and "Bakalia"
Chemung County Classic Horse Show 2012

Large Junior Hunter Division

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